April’s Birthstone is our favorite!

April 05, 2011

April’s Birthstone is our favorite!

What girl wouldn’t want to be born in the month of April for the birthstone alone? Diamonds are to gemstones what roses are to flowers: the classic, romantic pinnacle in gift-giving. They come in so many varieties that you just can’t go wrong in purchasing them for that special woman in your life. 

At Vanna K, we strive to make diamond jewelry that not only spotlights the beauty of the stones, but also add unique character in the designs that showcase them. These are some of our favorite unique diamond jewelry pieces. 

Whether you are looking for a birthday present for a woman born in this month of diamonds or you are looking for the perfect diamond engagement ring, you can find it all at Vanna K.

Featured Style #s (starting top left earrings):
18EO2412D; 18ER041WD; 18RGL00201DCZ; 18RGL00181DCZ; 18RGL00295DCZ