Crown Her Queen!

December 10, 2012

Crown Her Queen!

She has been your dream girl, your loyal lady, your princess… But now the time has come to crown her your queen! What better way to do it than with this amazing designer diamond engagement ring fromVanna K.

While there are many options in engagement rings, this magnificent ring from Vanna K is set apart by its look of royalty. This ring features micro pave diamonds elegantly lining the band; a scooping “crown” design forming around the center; and an immaculate round 1 carat center diamond. The design’s intricate details are simply breathtaking, as it reminds of you of an antique diamond ring carrying a story passed through generations. And it is ready to become that great love story for the two of you.

This fairytale ring has been buzzed about in Hollywood and featured in Four Seasons Magazine, Martha Stewart Wedding Magazine and Engagement 101 Magazine. It is available for customizations to make it uniquely yours. You can change the shape of the center diamond to cushion shape or princess cut; change the metal from Platinum to 18K Rose Gold; use hand-engraved shank as opposed to micro-pave diamonds; and you may choose your center stone in a variety of sizes. So make your selections and give her the crown she deserves!

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Style # 18RO2393DCZ