In the details…

June 28, 2011

In the details…

“In a major matter, no details are small.”
– Paul de Gondi

Love and deciding to spend a lifetime together is definitely considered a “major matter”. Many relationships in our life are special, but it’s the little details of your special love that make it stand apart from everything else in this world. Finding the ring to represent that unique bond is also an important matter. You will find that the details of the ring can be the thing that makes it unique and special, just like your love. 

The details of this ring are simply amazing. We’re showing it to you at this angle, so you can see the components that most jewelers ignore – the diamonds sparkle not just in front, but at the top and bottom as well. Because at Vanna K, we are big believers in the details. 
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[Style # 18RGL00395DCZ]