Southern California’s Best in Weddings

August 03, 2012

Southern California’s Best in Weddings

Vanna K is proud to be part of the Southern California wedding community. It has some of the very best wedding vendors in the world. Whether it be delectable cakes, gorgeous flowers or elegant wedding gowns, Southern California is a trendsetter for much of the wedding industry. Brides have the opportunity to see some of these amazing vendors all at one place: The Premier Bridal Event, a bridal show presented by

Partnered with coordinator Fancy That! Events, the Premier Bridal Event truly brings together the best that Southern California has to offer brides. Vanna K has been honored to be a Platinum Sponsor of the show for all 3 years that it has been running. Every year, Vanna K has had a beautiful booth showcasing our amazing selection of unique diamond engagement rings and beautiful fashion jewelry. We have also had the privilege of having our jewelry featured on the models during the much anticipated fashion shows. At this year’s show, three brides each won a gift certificate, valued at either 15%, 25% or 35% off. It was a big hit with a big turnout.

If you are in the Southern California area, please come meet Vanna K in person and see all the other industry leaders at the Premier Bridal Event. You should also check out They are one of the most popular wedding planning websites in Southern California.

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