Vanna K Brings See-it-on Virtual Reality to Customers!

December 19, 2013

Vanna K Brings See-it-on Virtual Reality to Customers!

You’ve seen the dazzling Vanna K rings online. You know that they are beautiful. You even have a few you’d like to try on. Now, shoppers like you will be able to see what Vanna K rings look like on a hand without even having to go through the trouble of going to a jewelry store counter and trying one on.

Jewelry designer Vanna Kitsinian is proud to introduce new 3D high-resolution imaging technology that allows her fans innovative ways to view her artistry and intricate designs. While the photos of Vanna K rings are the next best thing, seeing them on a woman’s hand makes a lasting impression.

From the comfort of your own computer, you have a variety of options available as to how you’d like to see the ring of your dreams. You may choose to view a 360 degree high-resolution video of just the ring or a video of the ring on a woman’s hand. You may also choose to view a series of high-resolution static images at multiple angles. From the perfectly engineered crowns and the windows of light, to the intricate inner faces, the 3D Imaging (which is now live on the website) allows you to see close up details of Vanna K rings never seen before.

In addition to the multiple viewing options, you also have the ability to make customized selections to the ring and have it applied instantly. Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Vanna K, Arch Kitsinian says “The See-it-on virtual reality experience allows clients immediate gratification of seeing our unique engagement rings on a hand in a variety of metals such as platinum, rose, white or yellow gold.” Kitsinian concluded “You are able to see your ring just the way you like it.”

So enjoy this holiday season. Sit back, relax with some cocoa and go ring shopping for that perfect, unique diamond ring… all from the comfort of your home! Head on over to Vanna K today to see it for yourself! And, please leave us your comments about why you love our new See-it-on virtual reality experience. Enjoy!
[Featured Ring: Style # 18RGL00274DCZ]