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Welcome to the Vanna K Inner Circle

By choosing a Vanna K piece, you now number among a very exclusive group of discerning individuals able to distinguish and celebrate the Vanna K difference.That difference goes beyond simply using finer materials and employing better craftsmen. It speaks to the singular nature of their craft, in which no two results are identical. You have chosen better than you may realize. And in honor of your good fortune and the skill of our Kitsinian family of artisans, consider if you will our simple plan to keep your Vanna K piece looking like the day you received it, forever

Each Vanna K masterpiece is hand crafted with extraordinary detail and bears a unique serial number that certifies your piece is an original from the Kitsinian family factory. The certificate of authenticity card guarantees that your jewelry has been inspected by expert gemologists and craftsmen before signing it with the Vanna K trademark.


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(All our jewelry has a 1 year limited manufacturer warranty against workmanship defects)